A typical hair cut begins with a personalised consultation, followed by an LOREAL shampoo and massage to energise or calm. Our skilled stylists will then work with you to deliver an outstanding hair cut, which is then styled with the TECHNI ART  finishing range.


Hair Trim 399
Haircut by Senior Stylist 599
Haircut by Creative Stylist 799
Additional charges for wash 249
Hair wash with conditioner starts from 299
Fringe 249
Blow dry Hair [US] 349
Blow dry Hair [BS] 399
Blow dry Hair [UW] 499
Ironing starts from 399
Out curls start from 499
Crimping / Iron Tongs 999
Hair Tongs starts from 799


Hair styling 99
Haircut 249
Haircut by senior Stylist 299
Haircut by Creative Stylist 349
Shave 149
Styling Shave 199
Additional charges for wash 99
Wash With conditioning 149
Head Massage with Wash-Condition 399

Basic Hair Care RELAXING

Hair Spa(A distressing treatment that also calms your senses.)

Starts from 599
Additional charges for extra scoop 99

Head Massage

Head massage (15 mins) 249
Head massage(30 mins) 349
Head massage with shampoo for men 499
Head massage with shampoo for women 699
Mythic Oil Rituals --starts from 899


An anti breakage, hair strengthening treatment
DRY & DAMAGED HAIR starts from 1499
FRIZZY HAIR starts from 1499
POWER DOSE - A post shampoo deep conditioning treatment
1 bottle 599
2 bottles for hair upto shoulder 799
3 bottles for hair below shoulder 999
4 bottles for hair upto waist 1199
LISS CEUTICS – Kertain oil complex treatment that strengthens the hair internally effect increases with every wash.
Hair upto neck 1199
Hair upto shoulder 1499
Hair below shoulder 1749
Hair upto waist 1999
Fiber Rescue for men/women 899
Anti Dandruff for men 599
Anti Dandruff for women 899
Anti Hair Loss for women 899
Inner Spa for men 599
Inner Spa for women 899
STEAM POD TREATMENT - A treatment that restructures, revitalizes and protects the hair fibre
Hair upto neck 799
Hair upto shoulder 999
Hair below shoulder 1199
Hair upto waist 1399
BOTOX HAIR TREATMENT FOR COLORED HAIR - A treatment that controls, target repairs and protects the hair fibre
Hair upto neck 1199
Hair upto shoulder 1349
Hair below shoulder 1499
CRYSTAL CEUTIC TREATMENT - A treatment that ensures color locking and shine.(starts from Rs 799 )


Color streaks 199
Global color for men (with ammonia) 699
Global color for men (without ammonia) 899
Shine effect 599
Pre-lightening (per streak) 99
Highlights/Special effects 749
Sidelocks 249
Beard 349
Global Colour/Highlights
Hair upto shoulder 1999
Hair below shoulder 2999
Hair below shoulder 2499
Touch-up ---starts with 799


Fringe 1499
Hair upto shoulder 3499
Hair below shoulder 4499
Regrowth/Touch-up upto 2 inches 2999

Pro - Keratin Shine Bond

Hair upto shoulder 4999
Hair below shoulder 6499
Regrowth/Touch-up upto 2 inches 4999

Kera - Smooth Treatment

Fringe 1699
Hair upto shoulder 4249
Hair below shoulder 4999

Cysteine Complex Intense Smoothening

Fringe 2499
Hair upto shoulder 5499
Hair below shoulder 6249