Facial & Mask

Facials offer the solution to different problems. Whether it is a Detox, Rehydration, Deep Cleanse, Anti Acne, Uplifting and Rejuvenating or an Anti-aging facial the client is seeking or customised facials advised by Aromatherapy Beauty Centre & Spa therapist, the improved skin texture will leave our costumers satisfied. Facials are offered not just only for her but also for him.
The salon is only using top quality products from ANESI and the Top Range of L’Oreal and also caters for the most sensitive skin.
• Cleansing
• Increased Circulation
• Emotional Benefits
• Anti-Aging

Rejuvenating Facial for normal to dry skin 999
Do you want the glow and luster of exotic Indian skin? With the rejuvenating goodness of aromatic saffron, this facial is for you.
Perfect Balance Facial for combination to oily skin 999
Does your skin need some intense hydrating? With the multiple benefits of almond oil, like the hydrating, emolliating and revitalizing of your skin, this facial is for you.
Inner Glow Facial for normal to dry skin 1299
Do you need to find your inner beauty? With the magic and richness of gold that will scrub and clean the skin, free it of blemishes and dead cells, and make It glow, this facial is for you.
Anti - Tan Facial for tanned skin 1499
Did you just get back from the beach or spend a particularly sunny week outdoors? With the anti-tanning, hydrating and lightening effects of enzymatic peels and acids, this facial is for you.
Sensitive Skin Powder Mask 399
Protein Mask 699
Black Mask Face / Neck 799
Under arms / Back of palm 799
Feet 799
Behind 999
Half hands 1199
Full hand / front / back 2999
Half legs 1499
Full legs 2499
Full body 7999
Essential Minerals Facial for combination to oily skin 1799
Do you feel the need to refresh, deep clean and put life back in your skin? With essential minerals to do just this, this facial is for you.
Acne Defense Facial for acne prone skin 1999
Do you want a facial that is good for your acne in the long run? With high frequency machines, moor peels and clarifying creams, this antibacterial facial is for you.
Age Defense Facial for normal to combination skin 1999
Has your face started lying about your age? With preservance of natural collagen and elastin of the skin that takes care of the beginning of ageing lines, this facial is for you.
Hydradermie Lift Facial for mature, dry skin 2299
Do you want to restore the softness and suppleness of your skin? With morephyto hormones added to your face to hydrate and firm it up, this facial is for you.
Ocean Bright Facial for normal to dry skin 1999
Want to sunbath minus the tan? With ingredients that contain sun filters which make your skin radiant and flawless, this facial is for you.
Young Blush Facial for normal to dry skin 1249
If you are looking for a pure relaxing experience while you get an immediate glow and much needed moisture for skin then this facial is for you.
Pearl Glow Facial for all skin types 2249
If dull skin and sallow complexion is your issue, help is at hand. Using active oxygen, papaya, mulberry and green tea extracts and two masks to instantly make your skin tone lighter and leave it looking brighter, this facial is for you.
Light & Bright Facial for all skin types 2499
If you want the experience that age brings but not the signs of it on your skin, using Vitamin C & A, Soya Proteins, Chamomile extract and two masks to nourish your skin, reduce fine lines and lighten your skin tone leaving it feeling fresh & supple, this facial is for you.
Youthful Facial for all skin types 2999